Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Reconciliation for Word of Law from the Longhouse of Qu'wut'sun 2014 on Child and Family Service Legislation

Donate and Sponsor Reconciliation: 
Native Child and Family Service Initiatives
for development and new agreements to keep our families together and re-population
of our nation after 100 years of cultural de-population under race  based policies and legislation.
Time for New Agreements with Canada. 
Let us work together toward Reconciliation.


Friday, 20 September 2013

Campaign of Hope 2014 Qu'wut'sun - Coast Salish Territory. Please sponsor and donate!



This is our Land - Coast Salish Territory


Please donate to my Campaign of Hope 


Housing Initiative to Rebuild our Nation and Renovate Housing One at a Time for Qu'wut'sun 2014

Renovate one house at a time for healthier 
living conditions. Renovations is priority because it is a crisis situation for Qu'wut'sun.
 Please sponsor!